Memoir & Reflections

Memoir & Reflections

Memoir & ReflectionsMemoir & ReflectionsMemoir & Reflections

A life's journey shaped by time.

We all have stories

 A memoir bears witness to a life lived—a testament to a person’s truth. A glimpse through a different lens can redefine an experience for both reader and writer.

Creative nonfiction is my chosen genre, although I dabble in fiction occasionally. People’s stories…painful, joyful, sad, traumatic, happy. The pull of emotions is compelling.

How we manage life’s twists and turns matters.

I free-write first letting words spill out in a messy stream of consciousness and then tidy it up over time—days, months, years.

Painful? Sometimes. Mostly exhilarating. Words have great power. Reliving an experience with every edit can be excruciating, but it is a critical part of memoir. The more the reader feels, the better the story. Life isn’t a simple straight line; truth-tellers must tell it like it is.

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